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Derwent Howden Publishing specialises in print editions of theatrical works of drama and musicals, and books of poetry and short stories.

We are a young company with an exciting future.  We have a lot of new material in development.  As a proactive publisher we approach writers for submissions.

For stage plays and musicals, it is unlikely we would published an unproduced work unless we already have an established relationship with the writer.  We publish unsigned writers of theatrical works based on the theatrical productions we have seen of their work.

For poetry and short stories we are currently creating a series of Poetry and Short Story Collections and the first edition will be published next year.  

Information on how you can submit your poetry or short story for consideration to be included in the inaugural edition will be placed here very soon.

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Published Books

We place all our publications exclusively online with Amazon in both print and digital editions to ensure we have the best way to connect with a global marketplace. It’s the reason why our website is so simple - it doesn’t need flashy whistles and bells to impress.  Our books do the selling not us.  We have a slimmed-down operation and just like all the super-large publishing houses but without their crazy overheads, everything we publish is reviewed by Readers and Editors who determine whether the work is what we’re looking for.

Here’s what we’ve published so far and we can’t wait to share with you the books that are coming up soon. We’ve started an amazing journey and we want you on board with us supporting our writers and your independent publisher.

If you are looking to perform any of the plays in our Drama catalogue, send an email to enquiries@derwenthowden.com

Click on one of the book covers to be redirected to Amazon where you can preview and purchase your copy in either Paperback or digital version in Kindle format.  

If you are looking for professional, stock and amateur Rights to produce or perform any of the plays in part or in whole from our Drama catalogue, send an email to enquiries@derwenthowden.com

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Derwent Howden Publishing Homepage